Committee of Research and Royal Arch Studies

“CORRAS is the Committee of Research and Royal Arch Studies and is committed to the advancement of Masonic Knowledge, particularly that relating to the Royal Arch and the various degrees which are worked under its Charter in Queensland.

The Craft is the foundation upon which all Masonic Orders are founded, and is, therefore, the basis for all Freemasonry. 

However, the Craft is also just the beginning of a Freemason’s journey of learning and discovery. Many doors are opened, but many questions remain unanswered. The Craft awakens man to an understanding of himself, his role in building in himself a temple of strength, goodness and mercy, and of his ultimate frailty and mortality. It deals entirely with man and his mortal or earth-bound existence. In doing so, there are many questions left unanswered and many doors left ajar or, indeed, unopened. 

The Royal Arch and its Appendant Degrees, and particularly the Royal Arch Degree, deal with man’s journey toward eternity and his relationship with and duty to his God. In doing so, the vast majority of those latent questions are answered, and the various parts of history on which Freemasonry is based are explained and amplified.

Whilst ritual forms the very basis of the Order, there is much to be learned and expounded on the esoteric nature and meaning of the ritual, and the awareness of “self” in the Divine plan of man.

To do this, members of CORRAS look to research these subjects, either to prepare papers for presentation at meetings, or to discover papers previously written and published, and to present these at meetings.

Whilst ritual is important in all our Masonic Ceremonial, it cannot be understood and appreciated if we do not educate our members on its esoteric meaning.

Education is, therefore, the focus of CORRAS, and the future of our wonderful order will be judged on how well we handle the education process.

We need you to commit to supporting this education process by becoming members of CORRAS; by becoming the sounding board to ideas for progressing this education process; and by participating in the research which will enable the process to be implemented.

CORRAS meets on the fourth Tuesday in the months of February, April, June, August and October. It meets in the Board Room at the Grand Masonic Centre, 311 Ann Street, Brisbane at 7.30 pm. Dress is smart casual and a simple supper is provided after the meeting, with cold drinks being available at a small charge. It is normal that the evening will conclude around 9.30 pm to 10.00 pm.

For enquiries regarding CORRAS, please contact the Grand Scribe Ezra as detailed below.”

Mervyn H Gray
Grand Scribe Ezra                  
Phone : (07) 3221 1911

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The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Queensland office is located at:

Masonic Memorial Temple, 311 Ann Street, Brisbane.

Please address all correspondence to the Grand Scribe Ezra.

PO BOX 10272, Brisbane 4000
Phone : (07) 3221 1911