A collection of PDF lectures which may be of interest to Companions.


MMM – Historical

MMM – H – 001 – The: Mark Degree. R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. General historical review of the Mark Degree – raises interesting points pertaining to the Degree.

MMM – H – 002 – The Medieval Mason. R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Mid-length historical dissertation on building in Medieval times. .

MMM – H – 003 – Noah and Freemasonry -R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Discusses Biblical references and genealogies.

MMM – Educational

MMM -E – 002 – The Stone Rejected: R Ex. Comp. A. Cotow; City of Sydney R. A. Chapter of Research; Discussion on Craft and RA Freemasonry.

MMM – E – 003 – Mark Degree.  R. Ex. Comp. B.G. Patterson, Mt. Morgan RAC No.9.  Discusses aspects of the Mark Degree

MMM -E -004 – Antiquity of the Mark Master Degree,

MMM – E – 005 – The Mark Degree

MMM – E – 007 – Mason’s Marks, R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld; discourse on the customs of the Stone Mason’s Profession and references relating thereto.

MMM – E – 008 – Background Information on Mark and Royal Arch in NSW- R. Ex. Comp. G. Mumford, PGIL Grand Archivist, 1998,

MMM – E – 009 – Some Familiar Terms – R-Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld..

MMM – General

MMM – G – 001 – Australian Men of Mark – R. Ex. Comp. G. H. Cumming, PGH, SGRACNSW- Brief sketchy biographies often famous Australians.



RAM – Historical

RAM – H – 001 The Royal Ark Mariner Degree, R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Oct 1985

RAM – H – 002 Why Go Back T o Noah and the Ark, R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash,    G.I.W.  Historical assessment of the importance of Noah and factors relating to the Flood.

RAM – Educational

RAM – E – 001 – The Poryphyry Stone: M. Ex. Comp. W.H. Coleman. Description of its role in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree. 

RAM – E – 002 – The Curse That Fell Upon Adam – R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Gralli1 Lecturer, SGRACQld. Discusses the “nakedness of Noah”,

RAM – Philosophical



EM – Historical

EM – H – 001 – Historical Aspects of the Excellent Master’s Degree: Anon; undated: short statement identifying the historical period covered by the Degree.

EM – Philosophical

EM – Ph – 001 – Veils: Anon; undated; 4 . Discusses colours of the veils and interpretations of their significances. Unreferenced. 2 copies.

EM – Educational

EM – E – 001 – The Burning Bush – Anon; undated- Botanical identification of the Burning Bush. Undated –

EM -E – 002 – EMM Degree: 11re Symbolism of the Colours: Anon.

EM -E -003 – Ark Of The Covenant- R. Ex. Comp, W. N. Nash- Grand Lecturer- Descriptive paper covering references in Scripture, symbolic importance and .historical associations in ancient Israel.

EM – E – 003A – Ark of the Covenant- R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Explanatory dissertation on aspects of the RAM -, historical briefs, symbolic interpretations.

EM – E – 004 – The Vei1s; The Tabernacle and the: Sanhedrin: W. N. Nash) Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld, Discusses aspects of the Degree and its historical Setting of the three components of the Degree, and notes on the Sanhedrin.

EM – E – 005 – The Ark of the Covenant; R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Covers history. events in which the Ark participated through history of the Old Testament.

EM – General

EM – G – 00 1 – The Excellent Master’s Degree: R. Ex. Comp. D. Cowan- Beaudesert Chapter 69: General historical-personal interpretations;



RA – Research

RA – R – 001 – The Signs of the Tribes, References; R. Ex. Comp R.H. Jackal- Grand Lecturer SGRACNSW 1955 -L#56/1955.

RA -R -002 – Research Into the Royal Arch – Em. Comp. E.A. Kent, P.P.G.Soj. Golden Chapter of Research, SGRACVic, 1940-

RA -R – 004 – Eden,’ Anon.  Reprint describing some monoliths in Tonga. Interesting commentary on the nature of these huge stones.

RA – R – 005 – Symbolisms of the Ancients-]; The Background; R. Ex. Comp -. AA Page, PG.J; Grand Lecturer, S.G.R.A.C.Qld. Discusses Archaeological relationships with -symbols, and Ancient Freemasonry’s link to the Bible and early development Masonic Symbols.

RA -R -006 – Symbolism and Freemasonry; Astronomy -The First of the Liberal Arts and Sciences -II R. Ex. Comp. Dr. A A Page, P .G.J., Grand Lecturer- SGRACQld; deals with cosmogony of the ancients and the effects of knowledge causing the first and second Renaissance’s in Europe and early connections with Royal Arch Freemasonry.

RA – R -007 – Symbolism of the Holy Royal Arch Jewel-JJJ: R. Ex. Comp. Dr. A. A Page, P .G.J., SGRACQld. -Discusses briefly connections between symbols of more ancient intellects.

RA – R – 008 – Non-Masonic Origins of Masonic Symbolisms -I-x.. Camp. Dr. A A. Page, P .G.J., SGRACQld; Referenced; Deals with the dawn of civilization and Cultures defining the symbols of the Mountain, Temple, the Point within a Circle. Revised 1999.

RA -R -009 – Some Aspects of Our Rl’1uaJs: R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, description of artefacts and furniture of a RA Chapter.

RA – Historical

RA – H – 002 – Royal Arch Masonry in Tasmania 10 the Forma1ion of the District Grand Chapter in 1908:.

RA – H – 003 – Ancient Egyptian Obelisks.

RA – H – 004 – Consecration Address at Edenglassie Consecration by R-Ex Comp. AJ. Stoney 1965..

RA – H – 005 – Ezra and Nehemiah: Anon. Undated

RA -H – 006 – Joshua and Jeshua; Ex. Comp. B.T .Garton, Grand Lect, SGRACNSW; Also -The Broached Thurnal,” E. N. Garland. City of Sydney Correspondence Circle. 1 Copy.

RA – H- 007 – A Commentary on the Royal Arch Bannera; M. Ex. Comp. Arnold Cotow- Official

Lecturer, City of Sydney Royal Arch Chapter of Research and Instruction, 1996.

RA – H – 008 – Who was Shezbazzar? V. Ex. Comp. Dr AA. Page,. Grand Lecturer,. SGRACQld; 5. Oration to Maroochydore Daylight Chapter December 1993.

RA – H – 009 – The Remaining Degrees, J.S.M. Ward. 1 Quarto page. Undated.

RA – H – 010 – Masonic Chronologicals: V. Ex. Comp. Dr. .4.. A Page- Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld., -Definitions and descriptions of Masonic foundation dates.

RA – H -011 – A General Review of the Historical Panorama of the Royal Arch 4,” history as covered by the Old Testament as it relates to the . HRA. -R. Ex. Comp. Dr. A. A. Page;

RA – H – 012 – Crossing the Red Sea: M. Ex. Comp. A. J. Stoney: A discussion on meteorological possibilities that gave rise to the winds that held the waters of the Red Sea. 1992.Reprint-Research Chapter.

RA- H – 013 – The Symbolism of the Royal Arch Jewel – II,. The historical origins of the Zodiac; R. Ex. Comp. Dr. A A. Page, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld;

RA – H – 014 – The Early Masons: R. Ex. Camp. R. Jeffery , Grand Lecturer. Historical account of the beginnings of the Craft.

RA – H – 015 – The Royal Arch Apron: V .Ex. Comp. R. Jeffrey DGIW; 3 pp F/Scap; evolution of the RA Apron; referenced. 1987.

RA – H – 016 – Early History of the Royal Arch: R. Ex. Comp. KG W .Wells; Describes historical origins and development of the RA Degree;

RA- H – 017 – Short History of the RA

RA- H- 018 – Chronological Sequence of the Degrees

RA – H – 019 – Old Testament Freemasonry -Getting the Record Straight; R. Ex. Comp. Dr. A. A Page, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld;  viewing the Old Testament as a valid historical source of Masonic interest..

RA – H – 020 – Biblical Background to Royal  Arch Masonry: R. Ex. Comp. W. N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Discussion on the biblical. Associations with the R.A. Degree.

RA – H – 021 – The Broad Historical View Of The Holy Land 1500- 1100 B.C. :R. Ex. Comp. Dr. A. A. Page, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld.

RA- H- 022 – Ensigns.

RA – Educational

RA – E – 001 – Holy Royal Arch Degree: V. Ex. Comp. B.G. Patterson Lecturer, SGRACQld. date unknown:

RA – E – 002 – Some Aspects of the Royal Arch: M. Ex. Comp. E. Norman Garland, Emeritus Grand Lecturer, SGRACNSW. 1955..

RA – E – 003 – The Interlaced Triangles: R. Ex. Comp G.L.. Austin- Auckland Chap. Of Research -undated.

RA -E – 014 – A Short Royal Arch Miscellany: G.S. Shepperd, Jones.

RA -E -016 – The Chronological Sequence of Degrees.

RA – E – 019 – The Twelve Ensigns: R. Ex. Camp. R Jeffery; Explanatory comments on the 12 Banners, and layout. 1990;

RA – E – 021 – The Royal Arch Banners: R. Ex. Comp. W .N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Instructional paper dealing with the representations of the Royal Arch Banners as having a national bearing at a culmination point of the-Hebraic destiny.

RA -E – 022 – Colours of the Twelve Ensigns  – R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery , Grand Lecturer, 1990 -Explanatory notes on the significance’s of the colours of the banners of Israel.

RA – E – 023 – Solomon; King of Israel, R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery , Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Review of the rise and accomplishments of King Solomon, and his locus in the rise of the nation of Israel.

RA – E -024 – Notes From The Scribe E – Anon- short dissertation on the background to the R.A. Degree.

RA – E – 025 – Altar of Incense :R. Ex. Comp R.. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Discusses origin of the Ark, its structure and measurements.

RA – E – 026 – The Catanerian Arch: R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Dissertation on the structural aspects of the Arch. Referenced,

RA – E – 027 – Some Aspects of Royal Arch Symbolism; R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffery, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. A short dissertation on The Circle.

RA – E – 028 – Biblical Background of the Royal Arch: R. Ex. Comp. W:N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld, Describes the historical settings in successive Order referred to in the Old Testament 1996.

RA – E – 029 – Stone of Foundation: R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. A short dissertation on the symbolic, physical and biblical references of the Foundation Stone.

RA – E – 030 – The Two Temples – Anon -descriptive discourse on the Holy Temple – architecture, function, religious ceremonial.

RA – E – 031 – The Interlaced or Double Triangle: R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Interesting anecdotal and informative traditional aspects of the sign.

RA – E – 032 – The Triangle: R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Discusses importance of this symbol in Hebraic history and RA Freemasonry.

RA -E – 033 – The Triple Triangle: R. Ex. Comp W.N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, explanation of the Pentalpha.

RA – E – 034 – Bondage in Babylon: R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash- Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld, -discussion on The Captivity .

RA – E – 035 – The Royal Arch Banners: R. Ex. Comp. W. N. Nash; Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Brief re-cap on the significances of the Banners.

RA – E – 036 – The Crypt Legend in the Royal Arch Degree: R. Ex. Comp. R. Jeffrey, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld, Discusses aspects of the Temple essential to the RA Degree Crypt according to the version of Samuel Lee’s Orbis Miraculum and the involvement of the Christian Roman Emperor Julian.

RA – Philosophical

RA-PH-003 – Gaydah RAC Consecration

RA-PH-006 – The Craft, Royal Arch and Christianity             

RA-PH-007 – Why the Royal Arch

RA-PH-013 – The Triangle

RA-PH-015 – Light for my Brother

RA-PH-017 – Symbolism of the Royal Arch

RA-PH-018 – Exile

RA-PH-019 – Mystery of the J B O

RA-PH-020 – Cyrus of Persia



RCB – Educational

RCB – E – 001 – Items of Interest to Red Cross Knights: Anon. Explanatory discourse on the Degree.

RCB -E -002 – Babylon: Anon. Short lecture-tour of ancient Babylon.

RCB – E – 003 – The Red Cross Degrees: R. Ex. Comp. W.N. Nash- Grand lecturer, SGRACQld. Explanatory notes on the structure of the Degree in relation to the historical association with King Cyrus n.

RCB -E -004 – The Captivity: Rt. Ex. Comp. W .N. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Notes on the significances of the Captivity. Cross- refers to the R.A Degree

RCB – E – 005 – The Illustrious Order of the Red Cross: R Ex. Comp. WN. Nash, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. Remarks on the historical period between Cyrus and Darius and the influence of the prophet Isiah and the journey back home of the Exiles

RCB – Philosophical

RCB – Ph – 001 – Untitled -Oration by V. Ex. Comp. Hoens, Grand Chaplain, at Constitution of Laidley Red Cross Council, 1965. Masonic associations between the Degree workings of Qld and Yorkshire.

RCB – Ph – 002 – Untitled -Oration by R Ex. Comp. J.H. Parkes, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. At Constitution of Edenglassie RAC, Kedron. 1971 Discusses aspects of the Degree workings.

RCB- Ph –003 – Untitled -Oration by R. Ex. Comp. J.H. Parkes- Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld. At

Constitution of Nundah Red Cross Council – Dissertation on the Three Points.



CY – Philosophical

CY -PH – 001 – Untitled -Oration by R. Ex. Comp. J.H.Parkes, Grand lecturer, SGRACQld, for Constitution of Caloundra Cryptic Council. Discusses the elements of the Cryptic Degrees.

CY – PH-002 – Untitled -Oration by R. Ex. Comp. J.H. Parkes, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld, for the  Constitution of Gayndah Cryptic Council dissertation on the Degrees within the Order .

CY – PH – OO3 – Untitled- Oration by R. Ex. Comp J.H. Parkes, Grand Lecturer, SGRACQld, on constitution of Redlands Cryptic Council.



Miscellaneous Lectures that may be of interest

Joshua V’s Jeshua  27/08/02

The Importance of Ezra.

The History of the Captivity

Alchemy and Freemasonry

Cyrus King of Persia



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